Safety Covers

Safety covers are more than just a way to keep leaves out of your pool. More importantly, they are for the safety of you and your family. They also help prevent accidents from happening, such as neighborhood people or pets that may wander onto your property. With that in mind, any covers that are ripped or damaged and allow children or animals to get trapped under the cover need to be replaced. We use a local Pennsylvania company so there is no delay in shipping the cover across country. Please reach out to me for competitive pricing and friendly service. All estimates are FREE. 

Are you a new pool owner or would like to replace tarp and water bags? We install new safety cover setups as well. Please reach out for a FREE estimate so you can a new safety cover installed. 

A brief note to consider. Most homeowners wait till September right before closing to order a new cover. As you can imagine, this creates a surge of ordering at the manufacturer, causing you to wait 4-6 weeks before you can close. Making you wait to close is what we want to avoid. Let’s start the process months before or right after you open the pool.